Joanne McHugh


Joanne McHugh

The passion that drives my work is the desire to tell a captivating story


Fresh goodies on the Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord

Our annual pilgrimage to wholesome all-American Lancaster County had become a bit tired.
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Navigational assistance for your Disney adventure

Ten tips for maximizing your visit to the vacation metropolis of Disney World.
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Already golden: Reflections on a marital voyage

My parents' old photos present a window into what life looked like for a young couple five decades ago.
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Can family decorations hold up to public scrutiny?

It's a compliment to host the holiday house tour, but the tension increases when it's time to decorate.
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Live Aid defined music for Gen X

What was it like to be at the first mega-fundraising rock concert at JFK Stadium? In a word: hot.
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Remembering Field of Seams

People wax nostalgic about old ballparks. How did Philly end up with its concrete ugly duckling?
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The one and only

Wanamaker's was so grand that I assumed it was the only place that the real Santa would come.
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ABCs of Nutrients

Dietary protein is important for growing children because it helps the body 's cells to grow and survive. Link to Story

Food Allergies

Food allergies occur when the body's immune system reacts to a protein in a specific food. Link to Story


Naps are essential for your toddler's good health until the age of 4 years. Link to Story

How To Breastfeed

To help establish a good milk supply, infants should be nursed on demand around the clock. Link to Story

When Your Child Won't Eat

As long as your child does not show other signs of illness, it is not a serious problem. Link to Story


Joanne McHugh

Joanne Conrad McHugh has more than two decades of writing experience. Her articles and commentary pieces have been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer and other regional publications. Her writing assignments for corporate clients have included medical writing, marketing copywriting, corporate histories, instructional copywriting and speechwriting.